The GenX Podcast

The GenX Project is a video podcast about the experiences of Generation X – individuals born between mid-1960 to the early 1980s. Stories focusing on how they grew up in an era of changing values and how their lives affect our world today. 

With a mission to educate, inspire, and mentor, we share the unfiltered stories of Gen Xers told by Gen Xers themselves. Our show examines how people view their own contributions and decisions for their community. Sharing adversity of all levels and backgrounds of all degrees, these discussions are celebrating the differences and similarities equally.

Each episode of GenX Studio will showcase individuals who love the Generation X dynamism. We want our audience to enjoy learning about what happened during the era of 1965 to 1980, while reminiscing over items and events of the past. With a steady flow of individuals and groups, guest historians, artists, musicians, and troubadours of all kinds will be telling us about their Gen X experiences. 

Our guest speakers will open up their lives to us by sharing their stories, photos, and memorabilia that will create conversation long after each episode. The purpose of the show is two-fold: to educate the audience about Generation X and to support the educational mobile museum exhibit and the nonprofit organization behind it, GenXque. 

Through collaboration and awareness, GenX Studio takes you on a journey to true understanding of Generation X.